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Basically how my life has been lately. You don't have to read if you don't want to.

Lately, I have been wondering what the point of being here still is. Just over a year ago, someone close to me passed away. Ever since he first got sick, everything started to go down hill. In addition to his declining health and eventual death, I lost my job, any of my extra activities I once used to escape my negative thoughts shut down due to no one ever joining, COVID arrived, my relationship with my boyfriend has grown very awkward, I lost contact with many friends, family members have left me, I became a prisoner of my own home, and I began to struggle in school. I have even considered dropping school at least for a few years until everything passes, but then I would be struggling even more with nothing but my nosy family and my scary head on constant loop. I have tried finding things to do to keep me in a safe state, but the thoughts come back. I don't know what to do. I have lost everything I ever wanted. All I want is for my life back. I want this downfall to hurry up and end. What do I do? How do I feel better? I don't even know anymore what is right. Help...