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Battling my inner demons

I don't have even a single friend that I can count on. It makes me feel so lonely. I'm tired of being left for someone better and being lied to. Now I finally have a fresh start, a clean slate to start over and make new friends. But why do I feel that it'll all be in vain because I'm just not good enough. I've just lost the ability to feel or care anymore. Years of suppressed pain and disappointment is getting to me. And lockdown hasn't made things any easier.

But the worst part is i feel like an ungrateful brat to complain about this while others have even bigger problems

Anyone else out there feeling the same way, cuz I still believe that we are never alone.

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Re: Battling my inner demons

ur not alone. u will find better ppl. its their loss if they let go of u. just hold on..u wil realise that tough times make u stronger. This might be small compared to others problems but that doesnt make it any less painful...to feel all alone in a room filled with ppl. remember the sun always comes out and sheds

its light...just wait for the grey clouds to pass