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Be consistent

Issit so hard for you guys to be consistent in everything you do? I just hate when you are not you anymore. I dont ask you the whole world. I just want to know your plans, your days.. issit hard for you to just update to me? Im not asking you to tell me ALL THE TIME. Issit too much to ask? Ive been watching you. & day by day you’re turning into someone else. The one that is totally stranger to me. If you keep changing, i might change too. & i really dont want it to happen. Cuz im gonna hurt you so bad so please dont change. You’re not the guy i used to know & it really makes me sad. If this keep happening, im afraid that im going to distant myself from you. Day by day, you make me disappoint of you but at the same time my love remains the same. But why issit so hard for you to do things that you always do? Im tired man.