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I dated a boy in high school for 5 years. I'm 23 years old now and I broke up with him about 4 years ago. He had been cheating on me for some time so I tried getting away, but he was a narcissistic monster. He forced himself on me, twice, during the weekend I went to visit him at college to break things off. Not only would he not let me leave, but he used me like a worthless object. I won't go into details, but the unwanted sexual abuse left a lot of emotional scars. I recently got married and he had the audacity to contact me and congratulate me. He wanted to "make amends" but also said he was sorry I was so miserable with my life. He doesn't know who I am now and that whole comment triggered me. It reminded me how terrible and manipulative of a person he was. The scary part is, he doesn't realize that he forced himself on me without consent... I told him to fuck off and stay out of my life and then I blocked him from social media. However, for the last few days I've felt very fuzzy and stuck in my past trauma. I feel broken and humiliated. Is it OK to hate him, but still move on with my life? How do I move past sexual abuse without repressing those feelings? Please help, any advice is appreciated.

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