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Beat him up

This guy broke my heart so much that I don't even know how to heal myself. Like it's been a year and I'm still heart broken about him every time I think about it. Kinda wish I could beat the crap out of him. Like hire some thug to kidnap him and beat him up. Maybe throw in a few kicks and punches myself. Won't mend my heart but at least he's in pain. He deserve at least a good round of whallop for all the pain he cause me.

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Re: Beat him up

Pass on violence. I remember dating woman. She tell me moving on. I smile & say ok. Her new bf walk out. About 140. I was over 250. He get nervous & walk back in. I wish them well & leave. It never married & no kids u move on & heal.

I can’t remember how many day love me. I only loved one. Married her. 35 yrs later she divorce me. I still go fix her house. Only thing I told her is if another man I’ll have to meet. Tell him if he ever hit her or my kids I’ll crush him like a bug. Otherwise life goes on. I’m heart broken but she’s still my best friend.