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Becky is a giant turd with large feet

Becky Suazo of Draper Utah (801-815-1354). Is a mean violent physcho old lady and I hate her and everyday I wish she would have terrible pain or die .

Mexicans living in America are far from innocent. I just want her to stop stalking me I hate her fall down the stairs you horrible woman or man I don’t know

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Re: Becky is a giant turd with large feet

Hey; I get it. My dad was a mother fucker. My mom & he we’re mixed. But she looked pretty white like her Scandinavian dad. He was 6’ 5” & looked like super man. His dad was even bigger.

My dad looked Spanish. Narrow body short. Oily olive skin. Greasy straight hair.

Well I come out with blond & blue. Giant body. At two he literally picked me up & threw me out of house. I couldn’t be his. I was suppossed to look like one of those tiny Mexicans. I grew up to look like the guy in Thor. His stupid fucking ass said I couldn’t be his even when DNA proved it. I try to forgive.

Before that SOB die I goto to see him. I spent whole bouncing around to different people. But I & my kids say we love him. We try hug him. Took him presents. Try tell him about God.

That mother ducker threatened to kill my kids for trespassing.

Yet I still pray for his soul.

I know a lot of criminal Hispanics flood this country illegally. They sell drugs; cause wrecks & flee; take low wage jobs from others; whatever.

So if some of them have caused you a serious issue I get it. I worked with a man. An illegal hit his wife. Messed her up bad. Then the illegal fled to Mexico. So I get it.

But second generation Hispanics act about the same as whites. Their incomes & crime stats are nearly identical. So be careful not to dislike an entire group of people because of one person. Some of my; & my kids best friends were Hispanic, even though my dad was a shit licking greasy haired fuck head