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Begin my forgiveness of my myself.

I first must I have always felt god in my life. My heart and soul are for God. But I don’t always act that way. Evil has a way of coming out of me. And usually I used chemicals to drown out the regret and sorrow. I married so I wouldn’t be alone after my mom died. My first child I had not with my wife I wasn’t I her life because I was to scared and selfish. The woman with whom I was married I hurt deeply. Because of there being no real love in my heart for her. I have used material for lust that I regret. That isn’t really me but just for the thrill. I have never intentionally set out to physically hurt anyone I have never violated any one physically certainly emotionally my wife. I have stolen a disgusting amount of things because I could. And it shames. I feel Gods presence and still I committed these acts. I just hope that in my heart god knows I love God. I will daily attempt to make myself better.