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Being a right leaning Stepanian.

I am a proud Stepanian. There is no doubt about that. But I shall never forget how the professors and students have treated me on ideological basis. While I am open to discussions, I do not feel good when they tell me that a right winger does not read and is irrational. I dont like it when they pick up revered Hindu Deities and make fun of temples. I dont like how they assume that everyone in the class must have the same opinion without taking into consideration the individual experiences. They come up with huge academic jargons and try to assume an air of ethical and intellectual supremacy. They spend class hours discussing politics and abusing right wingers. Teachers spread propoganda during lectures and then expect students to think creatively. A child screams in the morning assembly quite proudly that he is an antinational, as if that is such a cool thing. Children boycott classes at the drop of a hat and even criticise those who dont follow their line. There is groupism in the college and a bias against upper caste students. Every person who is 'elite' and 'privileged' is akin to a criminal. And these people who are also judging you on your background spend evenings drinking, or smoking or even doing things which you know shouldnt be done legally. While Sah Faesal can be welcomed to the college, Gotam Gambir cannot be, because he is a right leaning politician. There is no dearth of Stepanians who have contributed to the development of Indian Conservatism and Right Wing politics, but they are looked down upon by the students and teachers as 'state sponsored' or simply not 'well read enough,' The very fact that I have to write secretly and under a pseudonym, shows how intolerant and bigoted the college is. If you are a person who does not quite agree with the Left Liberals of the country you can be certain that you shall be hated, disrespected and snubbed down at Stepens. Stepens has an SFi unit which ideally it should not as the college itself doesnt conform to any political group. I love my college, I have a high regard for our ideals and traditions. But certainly a college is only made up of students and teachers. As long as we cant provide an open environment for discussion, exchange of ideas and intellectual development, we cannot expect Stepens to retain its prestigious position in the country and these Stepanians dare not ask for things they themselves dont provide- Freedom.