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Being left out.

I feel like I am slowly being invited less and less to social events with my friends. My closest friends don’t organise or hold any events, it always ends up being those in my group who I speak to the least. I don’t get invited to their gatherings, movie nights etc. and it just makes me feel like I’m not valued or maybe people find me annoying. Tonight one of the girls in my group who I get along with really well who is also one of my closest friends girlfriend has some people over. I found out through Snapchat stories and other things, and am just really sad about it. Although it gets to me when others don’t invite me, I understand that I don’t speak to them as much, so this hit me worse. This girl used to invite me and I really like her as a person. Also, I presume that her boyfriend (one of my close friends) perhaps had a say in the people coming, which also feels really shit. I’m not sure whether me not being invited to some of the recent gatherings has influenced her and maybe people feel like I am not wanted, (that’s how I feel) or maybe I’m just forgotten about.