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Being manipulated?

I think my boyfriend is manipulating me. He told me months ago before we started dating that he has a record of being manipulative and he tried to changed that coz his brother and sister in law talked to him.

But right now, I feel like I'm being manipulated. He asks me to do stuff I'm not comfortable doing. If I say no, he sometimes let it go and understand me. But sometimes he insist. Just like now. I promised to send him a Pic of mine wearing tank top months ago. But I'm not really the type to show skin. I said I will as soon as I can as sometimes I wear tank top on work with cardigan. But Corona happened so I don't go out anymore. Which means, I have no reason to wear it anymore. But now. He wants me to send it. Told him I'm conscious about my belly coz I gained weight coz of quarantine but he still insisted. I had no choice but to agree because I don't want us fighting. He really is a good guy and always have been. Just when it comes to things like me sending pictures, he wants me to do send pics. We're in LDR so some of my friends say it's normal coz that's the only way he sees me. But I don't know. Am I just really being too insecure? Or can this be considered as red flags already?