being scared of my ex lol

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I hate how i’m afraid of this one person. They’ll say my name, and I’ll cry. I’ll always assume that they’re mad or upset at me, even if the conversation has to do nothing with me. I cant help but overthink it, she gets mad at me when I ask her if she’s mad at me or if she’s mad. She’ll always end up telling me, “seriously u need to stop assuming things because sometimes people get annoyed by that”. i know she was directing it to me, she once even told me i started to get annoying. for apologizing a lot and did wanting reassurance. i wanted her to reassure me that i’m doing fine and that i haven’t done anything. i love her so much that it scares me. i hate having to not tell her how i feel, because i know she’d get mad.. I’m sorry if this sounds stupid, I just wanted to vent.