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Being seen without being seen

I don't know that it is harming my life but it can sometimes can consume my mind. First off, I don't know what to call this. Maybe it has a name, I don't know, but it is sort of specific but hard to describe but I will try because it has sort of frustrated me for a while. The short version is I like the thought of been seen naked without actually seeing someone looking at me. Now to give examples The most common one is that I like to go shopping and take clothes to a unisex fitting room. The type that has a door with like angled wood thats like vented or the walls don't go all the way to the floor or just have curtains. I try to go in one that has a man in the room nest to mine or when it's busy. I will completly undress, letting everything fall to the floor usually leaving my underwear on the ground. After that, I usually will just hold clothes up to me or something, not really caring about trying stuff on that much. The high I get is wondering if someone is peeking through the door or curtain or from underneath it maybe a security camera. The even crazier thing is, I don't actually want to see someone doing that. That's when I would feel embarrassed. I would rather someone think they are spying on me rather than me letting them look at me, if that makes any sense. I have done this more times than I can count and have luckily never made eye contact with anyone. Having said that I never know for a fact someone saw me naked but sometimes I thought they may have. It's not just fitting rooms either. I will leave my blinds turned open sometimes at night when changing but I live in an apartment and not that many people pass my window but I like the thought of it. I have also gone to kinda shady tanning salons (not ones that are a bigger company) with the thought that maybe they have a hole in the wall or a camera set up to watch girls. Those are a couple examples. I can't explain why I like it and it's strange that is kinda so specific. I don't talk about it with anyone So wanted to see if anyone, which I doubt, has heard of something like this or has any opinion on it. Sorry it was so long.