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Being Taken for granted

Are my friends abnormal? Or I am abnormal? I am an empathetic and shy girl, and I can not tell them that they are hurting me. My friends always take help from the whenever they face any problems regarding homework or anything related to study. Sometimes they come to me just to talk about their emotional vulnerabilities and I, being an empath, always support them. However, that's quite fine. But, I really feel bad when they criticize me for my looks and as everyone makes fun of me for my looks I can not protest or stop helping them. Usually I do not like being part of group selfies or group photos. But sometimes I have to unwillingly take part in such photography session, of photos, they post it cropping my photo. I know that I look a little different from them but still it hurts.

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Re: Being Taken for granted

They are just taking advantage of you, I know how it feels to be taken advantage of in a friendship, I feel bad saying this but they aren’t really your friends if they make you feel bad. Maybe try to distance yourself from them while you find new friends. Or maybe tell them that they are making you feel bad if you feel comfortable. I know it many not feel like it but one day you will find friends who are worthy of your friendship and vice versa!