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Being the background character

I know this is such a stupid thing to feel sad about but I feel like a background character. What I mean is that I kinda feel worthless? To give some context, I have classmates I talk to when I go to school but I barely connect with anyone on a deeper level? All my conversations with people are shallow like a simple, "Ohh did you the homework" stuff like that and theres only one person who I talk to on a deeper level. However lately shes been talking to me less and less so now I don't really have much people to talk so and I feel kinda sad :< I don't wanna seem like I'm dramatic and stuff but sometimes I just feel like I'm nobody's favourite person yk? Its just hard to connect with people my age. Honestly I just want someone to talk to thats around my age

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Re: Being the background character

Oh I see... I had a friend like this once who just opens up with me and no one else.. The thing is u just have to be a little more cheerful... Just show that u loves your life... Remember people will love as u are... So just be yourself with more cheerfulness... Surely there will be line of people who wants to talk to u... Well if u want to talk to someone u can talk here with me... I will be there 😊♥