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Being the bread winner is frustrating.

Im not married to my boyfriend but we act as though we are. We live together and do the normal things a couple does. Except im the only one that works. At first it didn't bother me because I was in a shitty place in life and my fella helped emotionally to pull me out of it. So I was just grateful to meet such a caring person.

Fast forward two years, and he still doesn't work. I assumed he had, had a breakdown after his mums deaths before i met him. And i was in no place to judge as i too have had mental illness. But getting to know him the way I do, I think he just doesn't want to work. That sounds terrible and I would never say that to him. But I too have suffered from anxiety and depression but I still have to go out and work because if I don't, I won't survive. Plus I like that my money is my money.

So because he doesn't work, he is entitled to universal credit (UK). This means that because I am working they expect me to fork out money for him too. Dont get me wrong, im not tight or anything but when he is now demanding my money because they cut his pay, its starting to irritate the hell out of me. I recently got a bonus from work, its only a small 2% rise for MY HARD WORK and its being taken from me to give to him!

I am hoping to train as a Nurse in 2021 and when I qualify, I will be on a lot more money. I feel bad thinking it, but im already working out how much im going to have to fork out extra for him and making me think whats the point???

His brother is classed as his Dads carer but doesn't do anything. They are a bunch of hypercondriacts. I just know a row is brewing so trying to vent it all out here.