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Best friend lost forever.... : /

So this story is quite old...I was in std.8 and my friend bella had a boyfriend..Her family was very strict and she had restrictions doing things because she was caught red handed many times by her parents for learning about her love life....Then to she was not at all afraid of doing so....Her family always thought that i was the one to spoil her...But lol!! she spoilt me and bella was spoilt by her other friends....So her parents literally hated me like anything that they just informed principle that they both should not be sitting around each other...Because also we being caught by our principle doing hilarious things xD..So we weren't allowed to sit together and talk to each other....Then too we were best friends since 5th and we wont loosen our bond in these ways...

So it was a sunny day....And couples were very happy because valentines day was coming and bella was also excited....Her boyfriend was at native place and he didn't make it to rose day so he was probably coming on 7th Feb....On 6th feb i got a call on my phone from a number which i checked was from bella's dad number.It didn't click me at that time and my school bus came so i went in a hurry....I was waiting for bella at school gate and she didn't came so i went in school and as soon as i reached in my classroom and i realized that the number i got a call from was from bella's dad... i got a little worried thinking what if they call again and my mom picks up and they start complaining about me to my mom(my mom was completely unaware about the fact that her parents hated me)...I told it to my friend the whole scene and she calmed me down...Lectures started and i forgot about it and then there was break... Our friends from other division started asking to us that who committed suicide from ur class...We started laughing unaware about the fact...And atlast we took it seriously and then our class teacher came and started teaching like nothing happened...And she had watery eye she started talking and bursted like anything and ran away crying in middle of lecture and suddenly our friend group realized it that bella was no more....And all my enemies pointing out to me that i could have stopped her because she called me during the time of her suicide like if i was aware that she was gonna do this....every person at that moment blamed me ...Even i was in pain losing her and no one tried to understand me......And the whole day was off for us and our whole class crying like anything....Last time i seen her i holded her hand stopping her from going but she said she wanted to talk to her boyfriend because she was missing him and i released her hand and today i think i should have hold her hand more tightly telling her how much i love her!!! I get her dreams sometimes....even after so many years i still miss her...She will be always remembered : /