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Best friends brother

If anyone could give me some advice I would really appreciate it .So here’s my problem my best friend has a twin brother and I’ve known him since we were 5 And some how I’ve come to like him I’m just really worried that if he finds out it will ruin our friendship I say this cause he’s been like my brother from another mother for so many years and yet for so many years I’ve liked him, I don’t know what to do or what to make of this.

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Re: Best friends brother

I think you should...

I think you should tell him, because if you don't and he finds a boyfriend/girlfriend you will only think about what it would been like if you told him,

even if he doesn't like you like that than you can move on and find someone who likes you more than a friend/bestfriend

I think you should:

hey love, honestly i think if you've seen signs that he might feel the same way, go for it. If you've been friends for that long, he'll understand. All the best hun. He'll realise that you are amazing and worst case scenario, things will be awkward for a while and you'll both eventually forget it.