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Best friend's wife

She's gorgeous and very sexy. She is also married to my best friend. I am a male. I am married as well. Our marriages are healthy. The sexual tension has been increasing as she has become more touchy feely with me. Slapping my butt, touching my shoulders, waste, and shoulders, finding reasons to touch my hand, showing me her cleavage repeatedly. I have reciprocated and touched her body parts often. We often have gone on rides together. The four of us with other friends have been camping alot more lately and often she finds time to be alone with me usually when my wife is asleep or with the other ladies at the lake. Recently she has told me she loves me and has made coffee and breakfast and dinner for me among other things. It's an odd dynamic i find myself that am currently in. I just needed somewhere to write this. With the things we've already done, even those not listed likely would view it as cheating. Our spouses aren't aware as we are very discrete. This may end badly. All the children both of our marriages have would face the issues that arise with this consequence.

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Re: Best friend's wife

Could you include the both of your spouses? Maybe a poly or swinging situation?

That could make things spicey for all four of you.

It would be more honest for both of you.

As long as you are all open and honest it can be done healthy.

Good luck and be safe. As you shared is an affair will turn out very bad for all of you.