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My friend and I were hanging out watching tik toks in his treehouse. We were both very close and very gay. So we occasionally snuggled. That night just happened to be one of those occasions, it was pretty cold out at the time so we had blankets and cushions to lay on. He told me to get under the covers to snuggle, after awhile of snuggling I got a little too close to home and I felt his boner through his jeans. He put his arms around me and pulled me even closer. At this point I had a boner too. Neither of us had boyfriends so we were both pretty lonely. He kind of pulled me on top of him and I tightened my legs around his. His hard dick was just bulging into mine. At this point we were both pretty horny and he said to me “I have the urge to hump you” I sort of laughed but then told him he could go ahead. I had never dry humped someone before so this was exciting. We kept our clothes on the entire time we were humping. It was really fun. I can’t really describe the feeling of being humped, but it was great.