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Bestfriend rant

I used to have a bestfriend, she's the enemy of mine from the beginning and became the most close friend of mine, we share a lot of memories but one day everything has changed

She had a boyfriend and she don't talk to me anymore, I love her so I just think her boyfriend don't allow her to talk to me

But one day his boyfriend talk me, he's like flirting with me, he said that they broke up a week ago and he wants to be friends with me because of the story my bestfriend told him

We became close to each other and didn't realize that we're falling for each other and my bestfriend? I never seen her after they broke up and I'm very sorry for her because of loving his ex

One thing I never know is that my bestfriend died on a heart disease and her last wish is that I become happy with his boy and we can live a life like she wants with him

She never talk to me because she doesn't want me to be sad and she doesn't want me to give her pity on her condition and only one thing means to me ,She loves me until her last breath