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Im just annoyed thinking that you capable of doing those things against me. I thought I knew you but I actually dont. For 3 years that we lived together, it was really unexpected that you betrayed and abandoned me. I was stupid for trusting you. Maybe they were right, our values dont match. The real you was revealed when I had nothing coz you are not able to take anything from you anymore. I became a burden. But do you remember when you had nothing and no one? My arms were widely opened accepting you coz I really didn’t care. I was just happy that we became friends and I didn’t ask you anything in return but be honest and be real to me. It was difficult for you... I acted like I was blind eventhough I knew that you will keep on betraying me.. You did it many times but I didnt mind it. You grew on me and I just can’t leave you. Unfortunately, you left me first when I was unguarded. My life collapsed. I wanted to die. For the first time in my life, I shared everything to someone and I trusted you. I trusted you my whole life. I gave everything. I am so stupid thinking that someone is good and someone can be trusted and she will never leave me. But how were you able to do it? How can you just abandon me that easily? I am still hurt.. Why can’t I just forget and move on?