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Betrayal of Trust

I'm a 64 year old male, married. Where I work there is this 34-year old female, she's not a slim lady know a fat lady but she is quite attractive only work together on one occasion in an afternoon one day a week but I felt myself drawn to her because I was able to talk to about my own personal problems. she told me that she had married her problems which is a little bit closer together nothing sexual ever happened although the thought had crossed my mind that if things did get bad that maybe one day it might happen but it never did.we started talking online through Snapchat and messenger and it was quite dark and the banter love really really good. She made a comment made me think that things were quite right as I knew she had lied to me. So I set about trying to catch her out, I set up a fake Facebook account and sent her messages about setting her in a local pub last year. I asked if she was married to which she says she was but it was in tatters. I asked her if she was up to meeting up, she sort of agreed but would need to establish a friendship first and suggested I popped to the office where she worked on a Saturday night. I was enraged to think that she was betraying her husband who looks after her kids while she works, I thought there no wonder her marriage is in the rocks, her husband has always suspected b she was having an affair with one of the drivers. I confronted her about the fake account and we briefly fell out. But after a fewv days she was talking to me again. But I started to remember some comments that was made to me about her and drivers activities during the night shift she returned that I really started to question where my loyalties lie. Should I tell our boss what I suspected or stay loyal to her. I confided in a third person and without divulging any names to her she suggested i come clean and tell our boss for the security of our company and the safety of my friend. So I did and all hell broke loose. Now she won't talk to me at all she blocked on all but one social media. I know I messed up big style and I'm really sorry for what i did to her. In her last message to me she told me everything I'd heard was all lies and that she wanted some space to try to save her marriage. I've lost a real nice friend I miss her so much and I won't see her as they have changed her shift pattern so that our paths won't cross.