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Between Hell and Hell

I am in a tough spot.

I had been dating a girl for 10 years. I honestly thought she was the one that I would end up with.

She chose her lesbian friends over me.

I am glad she's gone. I am. There were certain fundamental relationship things we disagreed upon.

But I still miss her. Its been four months.

And I'm in a lot of pain. Its bleeding into my work.

I need to find myself outside of her. But I cant. Myself scares me.

And I Wonder how it's like to feel nothing.

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Re: Between Hell and Hell

Better to have loved & lost.

My marriage to soul mate of 35 yrs ended suddenly. I finally stood up to her nasty mom. She divorced me. Said her mom needed her more.

Sad thing is that choice destroyed my ex’s health. I’m try to help pay for experimental treatment to save her life. She looks so different. So weak. Breaks my heart. Her mom doesn’t care about her at all.

My being gone hurt my kids. Ones having seizures from stress. Ones in therapy. One is sad & doesn’t laugh any more. My wife didn’t realize I was the hub our family wheel happily spun upon.

But I got a weird blood infection. So much damage. It’s like she & I are dying too young. I could have tried to help self but I put all I had left into her. She’s a better person. She also could be saved. My disease will kill me eventually. I’ve already cheated death so many times.

its ok to feel these things sometimes

it just shows that your still here, alive

you can rant it out or keep it in

but don't let it destroy you...

if you look in the mirror and see someone you don't like

make it your goal for the mean time to fix the person standing there

and you might even find that finding yourself is not that bad

i have no idea how to give advice but this is just what i wanted to say. hope.

What? That’s terrible. I’m very sorry that happened to you. It’s very bad that your partner of 10 years ended the relationship and prioritised other people over you. You deserve better and I hope that you will be able to find the happiness that you truly deserve. It’s okay to grieve over the loss of the relationship. However, it’s not okay to harm yourself or to feel any anger against that person. Emotions keep you in the relationship and it prevents you from living your life to the fullest. Best of luck.