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Beware of the Smilling bully

I work for an I.T service provider.

My manager quit and moved on to another Job with better money etc, his replacement who HE hired has turned out to be a living nightmare.

This person must have a personality disorder, they are constantly gas lighting me, belittling me and generally using office etiquette to verbally and psychologically bully the crap out of me, with a smile.

If this had been another profession, building trade or similar, I would have punched this mother fucker in the windpipe on day one.

The problem is there is no body to report him to and since the company we work for has been bought out, no one cares. If I do the above I will look like the bad guy.

For a long time I was blaming myself, maybe it’s me, maybe I’m too sensitive, etc. But the facts are loads of our customers have left since he started.

And they all had the same thing to say about him, and these things fit in with what I was saying above.

Anyway I quit because of this cunt and now I can’t look at another 9-5 without getting some anxiety in case I get trapped again with someone like that.

FUCK you, you ugly big nosed cunt.

Sorry for bad spelling and grammar.

oh and the bad language