Bicurious or bisexual?

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I think about sucking cock every night. But I love women. I love my wife and I want to fuck her all the time. I love tits and hips and smooth pussies. I want hard smooth cocks too.

I’ve told her that I think I’m bi, but I’ve never had a sexual experience with a man. Unless you count masturbating with men online, watching them cum watching me, and cumming watching them.

She thought I was just obsessed with my own cock.

But I wish she would watch me suck another man. And that we would both fuck her, separately and together. And that I would be inside her, and he inside me. I want to feel a cock pulse and spurt in my mouth, and for her to be there when it happens.

I masturbate to such thoughts. Then I cum. And wonder am I really bisexual? Or does the thought just get me hot? And is there a difference?

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