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Bipolar disorder with sexuality?

So I’m bipolar ever since I was 9 and also since then I’ve been trying to figure out my sexuality, my first love was a girl, I looked into all that and decided two years later I was pansexual since I didn’t feel comfortable with bisexual, I stayed like that for 2 years and then I felt like I was completely straight for a year (14yrs old now) but then I went back to pansexual for another year and after than I felt like I was completely lesbian for 3 months and then I felt like I was pan again and I just don’t know and it’s frustrating me to no end I have a feeling it might have something to do with my bipolar disorder but I was just wondering if anyone knew how I could try figure out how I feel towards certain genders when I can’t even feel the same way for long enough, I’m scared to date anyone else in case I suddenly feel nothing towards them anymore and I ruin it what should I do?