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I’m bisexual but I’ve had a really hard time coming to terms with it and then last night I finally came out to my friends after 5 years. One of them knew a few years before everyone else and she knows how bad my internalised homophobia is and how shitty it’s made my mental health. She also knows that i can’t come out to my homophobic family and that I almost killed myself because of it. And then today she came out as bi. Like what the fuck? And she was like “I didn’t want to say to take away from you but I just had to.” And obviously I’m trying to be supportive because I know it’s hard but then she was like “yeah I thought about it all day and I think I would date a girl”. And I can’t exactly say to anyone that I think it’s bullshit because that’s so cunty of me but I do. Or at least just an experimentive phase.

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Let your friend have this moment. It doesn’t make you any less bisexual. Perhaps your friend has their own internalized phobias and is working some shit out.

be a good example keep being authentic and presenting yourself to as many people as you can.

as far as a person who commented it’s a choice there a dumb ass hole. Sorry but I’m a trained therapist and sex educator. I know a lot more than that person and their stupid linked article.

it is not a choice but rather part of who you are love it embrace it even if your annoying friends try to take away some of the attention :)

You're about as smart as a box of rocks. Listen and learn you selfish, uneducated, misinformed deceiver! Before you condemn this young man to a world of SIN. Thank God we have our salvation. As for the right wing? Who cares about political views, that's not what we're dealing with here! You're sermon speaks from the New Testament written almost a decade after Christ's death! There is one law and this is God's law! You speak of romantic and physical attractions...The next thing we know you'll be attracted to, is animals! This young man is crying out for help in the form of a spiritual cleansing. He needs the Lord in his life! Listen to the word and he will find peace in this life and in the after. God will be with him through our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

Being gay is a choice and it's not something you're born with. So you can lie to yourself all you want and come up with excuses for your choices and wrongful actions. But you're gay or bi because you wanna be.


To the person who keeps spewing fake religious mumble! I suggest you re-look at the Bible. Perhaps read a sermon on the mount again!

I can’t I’m smarter than you. Sorry not sorry.

bisexuality is not a choice. and your argument that sexes for procreation is completely false what about romantic and physical attractions other than penetrative sex. I’m sorry that you don’t see the difference. But stop spewing your hate perhaps go on some religious right wing site and leave the bullshit off of here you piece of crap!

i’m sorry not sorry!

Honestly I’ve had the same experience, I came out lesbian and then loads of other people came out as bi and they got all the support, whilst I jus got pushed to the back and nobody paid attention. However the people that came out bi are magically now straight.. and I’m still a raging homosexual with no friends :)

Which is exactly why you don't seek help from a therapist who deceives people with their complete bullshit. A Sex educator who feeds into the world and supports same sex marriage counseling. I can destroy her line of work with one word...Procreation! Man and women were created to reproduce which is exactly why being Homosexual, bi or lesbian is a choice. Your anus was designed for one purpose and one purpose only. To release toxins from the body that could potentially kill you If not released. The vagina was meant for sexual intercourse and also a portal to give birth. A rubber penis doesn't ejaculate semen to impregnate and create offspring. You see the BIG picture here? It's not rocket science that you learn from a class or a book. It's called God's creation! Science proved this...It's no wonder the world is falling apart today. Just because something feels right doesn't make it right. When you feel the need to ask questions ask yourself...What would Jesus do?