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Blind by Love

I should have run a hundred miles away the day he declared my position was after Weed and Alcohol in his priority list :'v

We are so insufferably naive and blinded by love. I give him everything, love, affection, support but i still get compared because I am not as sexy as that Instagram racy model. This comparisons aren't direct, very subtle. There's a cruelty in it. He knows i am not very comfortable about being all sexy-sultry, doing all hot stuff, i am polite in my ways of showing love, its more affectionate than lustful. But lust is all that matters in this world.

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Re: Blind by Love

Models are so boring lol. Find yourself a real man, you'll know it when it happens. He'll love everything about you, and it will turn him on because it's you. We talk about real men but we don't talk about real women too much, women are being robots following trends and political movements but aren't being themselves.

You're on the right path, just decide love.

All the best,

A man.