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BLM relative loves TV abuse

Ive got a relative who sees racism everywhere. She can’t walk in a store without seeing racism. She used to live in black area but moved due to crime. She lives in poor white area where there’s no crime but she calls everyone there racists.

She is very upset about police brutality. I don’t care how she acts. It’s a free country. She’s entitled to her beliefs.

But what boggles my mind. Every time I’m around her she’s watching Chicago PD. In the show they torture suspects in a cage. They beat & threaten to kill people to get info. One cop kills a suspect so the others lie & cover for her. She loves the show.

One day she was watching it & complaining about police brutality. I pointed out how they do that in her favorite show. She said no; they only torture & kill bad people. They aren’t racist.

Is it me but shouldn’t the cop shows follow the rules we expect real cops to follow? I won’t watch this show.