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bobby ranika

we all have that person we call "ideal type" and i am the type that easily fall for guys my ideal guys is tall,white,braces and talented or smart you know typical teenage girl crush but recently all of it is changing idk if it is just the pandemic or the abnormal flow of hormones but i think i'm infatuated with a fiction guy again. well he is not a complete fiction guy but well close to that. this is very typical teenage girl of me but well just wanna write it down maybe it'll go away

so a little background check: i am one of the boys i dress like one talk like one act like one but i still had my crushes and 9th grade i realize that i should act more like a girl and i started caring more about myself but still i act like a guy and talk like one. i am a carefree person. i sleep a lot. guess i'm tired of thinking so i sleep. anyway teenage boys doesn't actually like kpop idols unless they are girls. so given that i'm one of the boys i am not interested in kpop bullshits i think they are just bunch of guys with make ups who pretend that they are cool and talented.

i was playing a playlist of songs in yt and i heard a kpop song i guess it's the hit "Love Scenario" back then. i really loved it. it was catchy and well u can go with the beat.i love rap songs and guys that can rap are totally hot and cool. i didn't mind that kpop song back then. i listened to it but not really interested with the singers cause i thought koreans all look alike and i am lazy memorizing their names or even searching it up. recently, i was so curious about that band who sang Love Scenario. i search them up. at first i watched the mv of Love Scenario and i was captivated by the Hanbin and Song.

While searching more and more about them i am so drown with Bobby big time. his rap skills,humor,personality and even his awkwardness damn it is so adorable. this is a far away dream but i really want someone like him in the future. all kpop fans do but well i'm not one of them or am i now? i'm stopping my self from searching them up more and more i'm scared it'll drive me crazy like other kpop fans. this should be a warning not to search up kpop idols u might fall inlove with them it's scary. his real name is Kim Jiwon but i like calling him Bobby Ranika like his twtr username.