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My boyfriend and I have been together for 5 years now. Our relationship had some ups and downs, mostly ups, but lately he makes me feel so bad about myself. I haven't gain any weight or anything on the contraty I'm very fit and I always take care of myself because I love some pamper me time. He is always into videogames he has gain a lot of weight since we've met and overall the past 1 year and a half he is not doing anything else not even working. He hasn't graduated from college yet and he is unwilling to study. We are not going out anymore and when we do it feels weird and kind of boring. We have talk about this several times, especially about his weight. I'm just concern because he became obese and eats really unhealthy.My biggest issue is that when we are having sex he always brings up other girls because he was into that and I was ok with it at first. But lately he is talking more and more about other girls what he would like to do to them and what he would like to see me doing with other girls. Specifically he is now reffering to girls that I know, mutual friends and stuff. He also tells me that it's okay for me to talk about guys that I like during sex but I'm just overall uncomfortable. I have the need to be around him because I love him. I don't cheat that's not something that I do but I just feel like I'm running in circles. Should I be worried that he is talking to me about other girls? Or is this a ''good'' sign ?