Boyfriend doubts

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I met this guy online, he's sweet, kind, funny, respectful and cute. We started dating and text through out the day and talk on the phone(video and normal) every night for hours. He's amazing in every way and always makes sure I'm comfortable. I love him, as much as I can considering. We've watched movies and TV together alot two using Netflix party. He's in another province and Graduates this year, I do next year. He got into Dalhousie in Nova Scotia but he's planning on turning them down to go to a University an hour away from me. I would really love him to be closer but, what if things Dont work out? There's a high chance it won't, even though I want it to. He's my first boyfriend, and I haven't even kissed a boy yet, and he's never kissed a girl. I don't wanna be the reason he gives up his dream school for me, especially if things don't work out. I don't wanna hurt him, but, we are young and I don't wanna stop him from going to an amazing school and getting an amazing future. O don't know what to do, because I really do care for him, and don't wanna hurt him. It could just be my Anxiety and Over thinking but, I mean I have a point. What if we don't vibe in person. Ugh, any advice is greatly appreciated.

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