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Boyfriend Issue helpp

My boyfriend hurt me emotionally. He hasn't been saying I love you and when I say it he would just say I know, yep, or I bet. I talked to him about it and he apologized he said he didn't hear me when in fact he did because he responded with yes. We talked about it and he Apologized again. I want to forgive him but everytime i think about him trying to lie about it, it upsets me. What do I do?

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Re: Boyfriend Issue helpp

He is going through something at the moment he told me about it. He was really angry but I calmed him down.

I asked that he give me space for a few days he was very respectful of my wishes. He told me he loved me and that he would respect what I wanted. He encouraged me to open up about it to him because when he noticed I was upset I didn't really want to talk. He told me that my happiness is his happiness and that he wanted to fix things. I feel he is being genuine.

Im not an expert here but i feel like if your partner is not making you feep loved, you should really talk to him about it. Not just about the i love yous, but about his hollow apologies cause he seems like he doesnt even care. Tell him if he doesnt feel the same way anymore just to tell you and maybe break up? Or just say you dont feel loved and it hurts you. Cause this sounds like youre dating a cucumber. And you seem worthy of so much more.

Also, ask him if something's bothering him. Because he could be going through something you dont know about? So just tell him youre there for support, if he needs any.