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boyfriend issues ..

I'm in a relationship with this guy but i keep letting myself overthink things. Every time I see a girl that I know he knows I start to become insecure with myself and I start thinking he's cheating on me or something. I really don't know what to do. One minute i'm the happiest girl ever and then I feel like complete shit while listening to Beyonce songs and crying. I do believe that he loves me but my mind just doesn't want to. Am I even ready for a relationship? It's always the little things that get to me. I don't want to let him go though, we've planned our whole future together. *sigh* what should i do?

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Re: boyfriend issues ..

Hey, I totally get what you're saying because I myself face this problem in my relationship. Sucks to see him talking to other girls, thinking he might wake up one day and realise that he doesn't love you anymore?

I realised, just a few days back, that it is not he but I, who had been making a mistake for so long. I always compared myself to the girl he was talking to and somehow convinced myself that I was not her. I made up stupid scenarios of my boyfriend leaving me for her, and that naturally triggered that anxiety and insecurity in me.

Sweetie, you are perfect and there is not a single girl in the world like you. If you keep hurting yourself at every step, then how are you gonna see what life's unfolding into? And if at any point you feel that the component of trust isn't that high in your relationship, talk it out.

If he says that he loves you and wants a future with you, then you gotta trust him for that. And just stop trying to control everything, because you cannot. All you can control is your own mind and you HAVE to train it to listen to whatever you say, thereby stopping that habit of overthinking.

Don't put your happiness in his hands. Practice self love and make yourself aware of the fact that wherever you are, you are living your best life. And, never ever compare yourself to any human. There's no one like you.

Wish I could hug you but you're probably very far!

Lots of love and warmth to you!