Boyfriend not attracted to me

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My boyfriend doesnt look at me during sex, doesnt kiss me, and is often on his phone in the middle of sex. Id say 90% of the time. Sometimes hes making videos and i love that! We are semi involved in the "lifestyle" he screws everyone he wants- im ok with it, even into it a lot, its hott! But im not allowed to because he doesnt want me to. Which i respect. He very rarely will let me in on a threesome with him and one of the women. His effort to get some from me is pulling his cock out and asking "is this too big for my body?". Thats the phrase i hear over and over. Hes always talking to these other woman and trying to lay on the sauce. Maybe hes not sexually attracted to me? I just wish he would put some effort into me sometimes and not always these other women. He has no passion for me and it kills me. I feel so insecure although i know im sexy and beautiful. I just think he doesnt see it. And i want him to. We do have a very active dex life, at least several times a day. Ugh.

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