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Boyfriend pretending to be me on dating apps to talk to girls.

Boyfriend pretending to be me on dating apps to talk to girls and sending my nudes without consent, even taking pics of me down there while I slept. Asking them for sex and saving other womans nudes and videos. I'm 6 months pregnant and depressed, I have nightmare of constantly leaving him, trying to leave, fighting woman I dont even know or trying to kill myself in my dreams

Me(20 yrs old female) and him (23 yrs old male.) Please help, or any similar situations?

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Re: Boyfriend pretending to be me on dating apps to talk to girls.

I can totally feel you

First things first, leave him. It might bother you initially but leave him

your pregnancy doesn't define a commitment

years later you'll end up being a mother whose husband gets different girls at home to have sex if you stick to him now

or if you leave him now, you can be a proud single mother who might find a true father for the child later.

but a father to the kid is not the goal, her loving mother is the goal

so no matter what, take care of the baby.

Don't you worry. God is with always with you

On the plus side there are so many nudes on net that you’ll just be lost in the shuffle.

Him wanting sec with others says you’ll never be able trust him. That said; does he help with bills?

There’s a pandemic. Your pregnant. You may just have to live with it for a while till in a better situation. Once your able to stand on your own; if he’s still a perv, I’d say leave.

Nudity only means something if we let it. I was forced to pose nude as a child. I still wake up shaking & crying from it. Yet others hang out on nude beaches.

I’d say you can’t help what you’ve done or he’s done. There’s pics of you out there. They aren’t going away. But if it bothers you take back control now. It’s your body. Refuse to take part anymore. Tell him to take pics of himself.

Probably not great advice. Good luck.