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Boyfriend thinks I’m unreasonable for saying no to sex

I am so mad right now. I have said so many times to my boyfriend how exhausted I was all day Because my work day was super busy. Everything hurt by the time I got home. My back and feet most of all. I was so busy I didn’t stop to take a lunch. Worked 8 hours Strait. It’s also my birthday btw. Yay me. Anyway. I get home and he had dinner ready so at least I didn’t have to make dinner tonight usually I make it every night. I work full time as a manager and he is a stay at home dad. I brought him home a soda from work and when we sat down to eat he was in a mood and asked me where I got the soda. I told him from work. Why? He said it smelled like perfume. It’s from the lysol Had sprayed in my car but for some reason he got upset about it. So we finish dinner and our toddler is upset and wanting attention so he tells me I should go be with our son so reluctantly I get up (takes me a bit because I’m ridiculously sore and tired) and go give our kid a bath. After his bath he goes to watch lion king in his room and I go back and sit on the couch with my boyfriend. Then he asks me for sex and I said “not right now baby”. For several reasons which I already stated. I’m sore and tired from a very long day at work and not to mention our son is up and it’s like 6:30 pm.land we JUST literally ate dinner so I have a full stomach. So he actually gets MAD at me. He constantly wants sex every day and I just can’t. I work a full time job, care for our kid mornings and evenings and make all the meals and I’m also on two forms of birth control because I suffer from chronic ovarian cysts which means I need a little help to get things going which he doesn’t like to do and He thinks I’m just the absolute worst person because I won’t have sex with him every day and at the worst times too.