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Boys Are Damn Confusing

I had a boyfriend. He really loved me, in fact, he initiated the relationship. Slowly, over time, even I fell in love with him. And it was a fairy tale come true. He is the cutest, sweetest, most handsome person ever !! He'd cuddle, write me notes, arrange spontaneous dates; the works.

But one day, out of the blue, he just dumped me and went away. I tried to ask him for the reason, pleaded and begged, but he just cut off all contact.

He still asks my best friend about me, but gives vague answers about himself. I've sporadically texted him, but he keeps the conversation neutral. Recently, my bestie asked him about the reason for break-up. He said that he didn't want to hurt me if he ever gets angry or sad, and so he left.

It's a stupid reason, really. But I dare not confront him with it.

I just refuse to believe that someone who was SO caring and kind could do something like this. And I'm completely at a loss !!

He has spoiled me for all other guys, I don't think I could love with the same passion again.

Should I wait for him to come back or move on ??