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Break Up

Okay so this guy and I dated for few months and then I had to travel away from him, we were on a distance relationship. It was going well until one day he stops talking much and then he talks different and sounds weird, he broke up with me and after that day he told he’s sorry and wanted to get back with me then I forgave him after so much effort made by him then after few days he tells he cannot do this anymore and he talked to his mom about it and his mom told him “this is not the time to in fall in love”. On a side note this guy has been battling with depression as well .. but the weird part is after a month or so he opens a dating app again duh .

iam so over him now but I still want to ask is it my fault or his ?

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Re: Break Up

its not your fault. he put you through that and you even forgave him. you are right to be over him and you deserve someone better.