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Hi to anyone reading this..i just want to say that you matter so much even if you don't think that and that its okay not to be okay..baby steps are key. Just remember to check in on your 'happy' friends and family members because they might not be as happy as you think. I'm really sorry if you are having a hard day or week just know theirs always a silver lining and if you cant find it mabee you are searching for gold. "You are a glow stick - its okay to break once in a while before you shine - just give it time" YES I'VE REACHED MY BREAKING POINT but i'm hoping I can bounce back and pull through because i can't leave some of the people I truly care about, they will be so hurt and traumatized and also I can't leave the people around me that need help to.. but most importantly what happens if it actually does get better and I gave up before something good happened. I can't tell you everything is going to be okay but aren't you curious to wait and see. A song that really gets to me is 'Hold On by. Chord Overstreet' - imagine someone you truly care about in that song.. it saved me a few times.. I just imagined my little sister that I love more than anything in this universe.To end off i really and truly believe in you even if you or no one else does, I do! -N