Breaking up when in love

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I met this guy at a bar 3 months ago and we exchanged flirty glances . Before the night ended we spoke to each other and exchanged numbers. While talking I realized he was 4 years younger to me. I am a working professional and he had just started college. I went ahead with dating him wanting something casual as nothing serious could ever happen between us. As we spent more time with each other we both started having hard feelings and we confessed that we loved each other.

We both were crazily in love with each other when we started discussion of the future and realized we couldn't have one together. It was a tough conversation and we decided to breakup instead of breaking up years later which would be even harder but inevitable. I am super broken right now because all I want is him in my life. I feel so lost. I don't know what to do. It's like someone took away my soul. I have this doomed feeling.

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