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ive been handed (not literally, of course) a group of friends. i have a close bond with them and even recently i got a boyfriend who i speak with daily. we both like each other but for some reason i feel like something has been eating at me, i've been feeling really sad and have begun having thoughts of self doubt. im 100% positive my friends wont see this because although they have their own struggles its not like they would go here. i know my friends would let me vent to them but they also have their own issues and i really don't want to add onto that and make myself seem weak. for me, the only downside i see in my life is my mom. she nags me about my grades when i dont even think she realises that school is stressful as hell, you can't just assign 10 assignments a week and expect me to do that for however many months in a row. idk man life is wacky. ive thought about doing some stuff that would impact my body negatively, not necessarily gonna say what that is bc of peoples triggers. point is, i hope that you guys out there feel good about yourselves, even when you feel like no one cares there's always gonna be someone in the future that does. if youre a kid like me, wait until youre out there. if you plan on going to university i've heard its a completely different experience, hell, work in high school if you must. im not even in high school but i will be in a couple months yk. it makes me feel alright that people dont have to read these, just kind of a forum about thoughts and feelings, anyways on that note ill be doing stuff, idk what yet, maybe going to sleep, maybe not. no clue.

well, see you later alligators :]

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