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I love a guy. We have been in a relationship for almost 3 years. He purposed me. At first, he understands me very well, take care of me, love me unconditionally and giving me proper time. I also admire him for his lil efforts, love him nd all...

At tht tym always cared for my happiness and thought he didn't deserve me.. i always encourage him.. nd boosted up his confidence nd made him realize tht he deserves every good thing.. i made him look himself so important into his eyes tht it ended up with him realizing tht he deserve better thn me.. nd then our relationship turns into toxic relationship..

He wants to control me, my activities nd then it ended up with lots of fights nd then i broke up with him..

Bt i still love him.. and want the old version of him.. which considers me important in his life 😞😞