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well i just joined this site a while ago, but today. i ready sm1s story titled goodbye. i am soo sorry for u. but ur strength to let ur feelings out made me feel like myb i could too. ever since i was 5 my parents blamed me for an accident that happened whilst i was in a whole other country far from em. they give me nasty remarks and always throw around pain at me. i get beaten with a belt stick shoe anything they can find and i cant even answer them back..... almost two weeks ago my bf broke up with me saying he wasnt ready to date and all n now he has a new gf.... i still love him soo much and hope he has an amazing lifeee.... hess given me alot of happiness, tho rn i feel so broken and dead. i wannna diee..... i feel trapped but ik i cant,,, i need a friend whod stay up jus to make me happy but i dont. lately i hv been pushed away alot.... is it normal for a 15 year old to feel so shattered and still try and be strong by hiding everything behind a smile and acting like its okay.............