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Broken beyond repair...

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I don't know if this makes sense but I've been broken for most of my life.. it's like every time I decide to give myself another chance to be happy I just lose myself in the process and I'm broken a little hurts soo much that mostly I feel a pain in my chest, like a hole or some vacuum tunnel wherein it's so so hard to breathe but on the outside you're just fine or just pretend to be! How do you explain this to anyone if nobody would hae felt anything closer to what this feeling is!

Sometimes, only sometimes.. in the rarest of the rare case, there's a tear dropping out of your eyes.. which you can't notice until it affects your sinuses and your knows starts running. It's crazy to even feel this while everybody else has some or the other good in their lives! At least a goal or a passion. And you're here. With only love on your mind and in your heart.

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