B**tch on my blog

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Here to bitch about something that happened on my blog. So anyway I spent hundreds of United States dollars creating content for my blog so that my readers would enjoy my content. I don’t ask for money, I don’t ask for followers, I don’t ask for likes, I don’t ask for anything.

Nobody is obliged to do anything on my blog. So anyway I’m doing this creative project - writing a novel. I am creating the visual content so that people can understand it. Artists got paid, it takes time for them to do their work, and it’s hard work. I respect that. I even told everyone I was going to give them a free copy of my book. And I delivered.

So this bitch was on my posts where I had free content and she was going all, “this is nice.” I posted the book trailer and links to a free download of the novel. And this bitch, doesn’t watch the trailer, and apparently didn’t notice the three separate clickable links that I added to the post.

Can you guess what that bitch said after reading the summary? “Oh, you’re so good with writing words and teasing.” It’s the summary of a fucking book. She started reading my blog that’s been going on for five years THREE days ago and waited until the one post with a stupidly expensive book trailer and the link to my novel which took 3 years to write to then pat me on the head like I’m her pet.

Oh but it gets worse than that. This bitch then writes “ So what happens next ?” This bitch if she had clicked the link of the book she would’ve opened it in a different tab on her browser, scrolled through, read some words, read all the way to the end to see the conclusion whatever whatever whatever.

Then she would’ve known what the fuck happened in the book. But she’s such a condescending arrogant bitch she doesn’t want to pay attention to the content in the post. I wrote it in large letters: click a link to a free book. Three separate times. No, she wants me to tell her what happened in my novel.

In other words, I must spoil the book that I spent three years writing, in the comments section of my blog. She never acknowledges my replies when I answer comments I know she isn’t interested in reading my response. That is another reason why she’s a bitch.

Anyway, I lost my temper and deleted about 340 comments. I also disabled comments and likes on my entire blog so nobody can comment on my blog or like posts anymore for ever. I get lots of disgusting comments on my blog, but this was the shittiest thing I’ve ever read in my life.