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Buck teeth problem

i have a buck teeth. My teeth is not perfect. When i laugh my mouth looks like a zombie. I dont laugh hardly because i dont want people to see my teeth and make fun of me . i know its not a big problem. You can fix it by having braces but i have a budget problem. I just want to have a nice teeth so i can smile widely,laugh.....my boyfriend said me' its not a big issue' you look nice doesnt matter for me'...but i know how i feel inside....it doesnt matter to me until someone comments on my teeth...😔😔😔

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Re: Buck teeth problem

I have vampire wolf teeth. Women seem to like it now with the whole twilight movie stuff. But I spent years hiding these things. Two top teeth are about an inch longer than the sharp long teeth on either side. I have two long sharp teeth about half an inch longer than the others. I learned to pull my mouth down & talk in such a way that it’s not obvious. But if I start laughing I look like a vampire.

Accept your imperfections. Fix it later if you want.

Beauty. You ever watch Thor the movie. In college I looked like him only more muscular. People think I’m 28-30. I’m close to 60. I have no wrinkles; thick hair; great teeth (I’ve had one cavity my whole life). My body looks like an Adonis. People tell me I look like brad Pitt; Tom cruise; etc. I don’t. I do look a lot like the dude who plays Thor.

Hot females college aged still try to pick me up. No kidding. They don’t believe my age. I have kids almost their age. People often think my wife is my mom.

Sounds great huh? As a child I was endlessly mollested. I was raped. A man tried to abduct me.

I thought a couple of females loved me when I was young. Turns out they just liked having sex with me & being seen with me. If I wanted to spend my life with one night stands that’s fine. But I wanted more. I couldn’t trust any woman. They’d lie. Say they were not dating or married. Just trying to seduce me. I was like a real fancy sports car. Fun to drive but too expensive.

See if your on a date & other women walk up & ask you out it’s a problem. Their friends; sisters; & even some moms try to hit on you. My wife looked like a movie star too. But she looks her age. I’ve had a hot 20 yr old just walk up & ask my wife if she could date her son (me). Causes a lot of problems for me endlessly.

I also have weird eyes. They are yellow & blue. They reflect light & seem to glow. Women love it.

My point is no matter where I go I’m the best looking person there. People stare at me. Try to talk to me. I can’t go anywhere without attention. Causes problems in my marriage. Got me raped & mollested.

See everyone ones appearance causes them issues. I met a famous movie star thru my kids once (we both had athletic kids). It was funny. He was dressed like a bum trying to hide his appearance. We both froze & stared at each other. He probably thought I was an actor & was trying to remember who I was. I recognized him. It was a weird awkward few seconds. Then we both smiled & talked. Cool guy. No best buds stuff. Useless sports talk & never saw him again. We were from different states. If you have elite athlete kids you travel to other states. Point is he dressed like a homeless man. Shaggy face hair. Sunglasses & cheap hat. Trying to hide in public. Everyone notices me. It’s like a one of a kind custom lambrageni is in front of Walmart. You look.

My wife makes me wear shirts when we swim. Trying to keep the female life guards away. They will get in our lane & start chatting with me. Once there was 4 in there around me. Pissed her off. I don’t look for it. It finds me. Do you want to look like that?

As a boy I was tied to a bed & mollested. Raped by a 280 lb man as a boy. A man tried to shove me in a car. You don’t want to be that pretty I promise you. Ever notice how many pretty women get raped or killed? Same for pretty girls. Well till age 12 everyone thought I was a beautiful girl till puberty gave me Thors body. I dated older cheerleaders. Once I was in a store with 3 older cheerleaders. A boy 2 yrs older than me asked me out. I was dressed like a cowboy (we owned cattle farm). Three hot cheerleaders. He asked me out. Ugh. Random boys endlessly asked me out till my voice deepened & I got giant muscles. Very annoying.

I hope you learned something. I hate being beautiful. My wife is sick. She feels so old. I look like our kids. So I’ve tried to get fat. Im up to 235 but only have a tiny belly. I was 285 hulk when we met. I intentionally created a small scar on my face so I’m no longer perfect. She says your skin is perfect. I say no; I have a scar. That’s love (she may die. I’m trying to save her & keep her spirits up. She’s my soul mate. I cry endlessly alone. But happy happy around her).

Oh; the movie star. In movies he looks young. Up close in real world he looks much older. But he was a very cool dude.