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i have a tendency where i convince myself that i really like someone and once they like me back it all seems stupid and weird. so recently, there’s been this guy and i like him the tiniest bit ever and of course he likes me back. now I’ve told him that i don’t like him a lot and he knows that but now is asking to date and for me to be with him and to kiss him and it makes me extremely uncomfortable and i can’t make up the nerve to tell him that I don’t want to be with him. I think the only reason i do this is because my last relationship was extremely toxic but i stuck with it just because i thought that maybe he might change and things would work out. Which leads me on to my theory that i do this because i make myself believe that everything with be fine and that nothing starts the same forever so i make up these thoughts in my head about how i could maybe be super happy with this one person but when my thoughts become reality, it’s usually exactly what i wanted but that person that it’s with feels totally wrong.