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For the biggest part of my life I have felt like a burden to everybody. Especially my family. I was never recognised as an individual. I was never approached by them leading to a low self-esteem, self-love etc. Thus, I became a socially awkward human. After my first relationship, I learned the hard way. Confiding in my brother lead to hostility and him beating me up for my choice of partner, although I was fully supportive of his choices and sexuality. A huge number of unfortunate events has made me depressed and less productive. I look behind my back and I am not able to move forward. I can't have therapy due to financial problems. And this situation doesn't help me. I still have some friends that are rocks in my life and I wish they were my real family. In the end, contemplating all events in my life, I came across this thought. Maybe the real burden is them not me.