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burned out EMT

4 years into the field and I completely hate my job. My partner is great, shes the only good thing left. The management are incompetent dumbasses only in it for their paltry 2$ pay bump. It wasmt always like this. Things have gone downhill so much in just the last two years. Anyone of merit or balls to stand up for us grunts gets demoted or fired, with lackeys and brown nosers taking their place. I despise getting fucked over constantly by other lazy ass crewmembers that don't get fired because the whole region is starved of people stupid enough to come work in EMS. Some of our patients are sweet and genuinely good people in bad situations, but the vast majority are scum/idiots/affronts to natural selection and are only alive thanks to taxpayer dollars, medical science, Gods will and dipshits like us hauling their 400lb asses around. These specimens drain any faith I had in humanity and I truly despise them. I do my job as an EMT no matter what, but not because I care anymore, more because I just don't want to get fired. I am constantly looking for an opportunity to get tf out of this godforsaken field. Cant wait.

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Re: burned out EMT

Life drains us. I was supposed to be in Air Force. Married young. Wife made me stick with tech.

Growing up I was a cowboy farmer. Fun but poverty.

At 16 I started engineering. Designing buildings. By 19 I hated it. I tried construction; driving giant cranes & machines; I worked plant maintenance. Machine repair. Computer programming. I was good at it all but I got so bored.

Then I got into space industry. Oh that sounded interesting. Hours of staring thru a microscope. Reports. Meetings. Speech’s. Blueprints. Meeting important people. Worst job I ever had.

I took EMT training courses. I’d run around on my own time trying to save lives. The amateur version of you. I enjoyed saving lives. But I saw so much death. I once pulled a guy out of a burning car. He attacked me because I wouldn’t save his car. Uuugggg.

But one of my relatives is retired engineer. He does EMT; Fire; cop; cave rescue. He was special forces. Like you he gets burned out.

I think some of us are Rolling Stones. We can’t stand to always do the same thing. We are drawn to learn & experience new things.

God Bless